At the Sands

At the Sands tells the story of the quintessentially classic Las Vegas casino. From its 1952 opening to its implosion 44 years later, the Sands was where Vegas happened. Under Jack Entratter, the Copa was perhaps America’s top nightspot, entertaining presidential candidates, Apollo astronauts, and Hollywood royalty. After its 1967 purchase by Howard Hughes, the Sands became less hip, but its reinvention as a convention hotel paved the way for the reinvention of Las Vegas in the 1990s.

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Boardwalk Playground

Boardwalk Playground shares a hundred stories of Atlantic City’s high spots and low points of the past century and a half, with an emphasis on the hospitality business that evolved into casino gaming—and is evolving again. With sections on the city’s history, its classic hospitality, personalities, community institutions, and casino resorts, this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what gives Atlantic City its unexpected allure.

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Jay Sarno built two path-breaking Las Vegas casinos, Caesars Palace (1966) and Circus Circus (1968), and planned but did not build a third, the Grandissimo, which would have started the mega-resort era a decade before Steve Wynn built The Mirage. As mobsters and accountants battled for the soul of the last American frontier town, Las Vegas had endless possibilities. Grandissimo is the story of how Jay Sarno won and lost his casino empire, inventing modern Las Vegas along the way.

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Roll the Bones

Roll the Bones tells the story of gambling: where it came from, how it has changed, and where it is now. This is the new Casino Edition. which updates and expands the global history of gambling to include a greater focus on casinos, from their development in European spas to their growth in Reno and Las Vegas. New material chronicles in greater depth the development of casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and their spread throughout the United States.

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